Your phone has been ringing off the hook. Your daughter has been asking for a check for her tuition fee, which is due in a week. Your baby mama demands child support, the bank reminds you to settle a loan you took out six months ago, your wardrobe needs a makeover because you just landed a new job, simultaneously and you are probably wondering how to sell your house fast. Putting a ‘House for Sale’ banner outside your house and updating your Facebook page will not help much to find a house buyer. The next advisable move would be to get a real estate agent, right? Wrong! Skip the real estate agents and simply contact a professional house buyer. At JoeBuysNJHouses, we buy houses in Fort Lee NJ at the fairest prices. Here are a few reasons to avoid dealing with agents.


Listing your house with a broker usually costs 6% of the total sales price. If you sell your house for $200,000 that means $12,000 goes directly to the agent! When dealing with a professional buyer, no broker is involved, thus no commission is required. All transactions are made directly with the company and vice versa.


Realtors usually do not touch a property unless it is in tiptop presentable shape. You will be forced to do repairs and fix ups here and there all over the house. Spending on a house you want to sell is unsettling at the very least. Get a buyer who can accept to buy your house in whichever condition it is in. No repair costs whatsoever!

Impromptu visitors

Prospective buyers will pop in the house on the daily. This means you can kiss freedom and privacy goodbye. Add this to the annoying fact that you have to entertain total strangers for about 10 minutes, more or less, daily. Well if you do not want to be caught in the middle of such a situation, you know who to contact!


A real estate agent works as a broker between the seller of the house and the buyer. There is no direct communication and a lot of paperwork goes on from the buyer to the agent to the seller and vice versa. Hiring a real estate agent also binds one to a contract that denies you the chance to get another agent for a certain period of time. Dealing directly with the buyer saves you a lot of time and unnecessary paperwork.

Bad deals

Some buyers pull out of a deal last minute either for financial reasons or because they found better property somewhere else. This is after tying up the house for a week or so during which other buyers were turned down. Furthermore, agents are incentivized to sell the house quickly and receive their commission check instead of getting you the best deal. This often leads to a lower purchase price than you would otherwise receive.


Real estate agents do not really have your best interest at heart. Finding you a buyer is just but a job among the other hundreds of houses they have to sell. You are likely to delay selling your home if you involve an agent.

If you were wondering how to sell your home fast JoeBuysNJHouses is here to solve that particular problem. We buy houses in Fort Lee NJ and offer reasonable prices depending on the condition of the property