How The Process Works

At Joe Buys NJ Houses, we make it easy for you to sell your home. Our home buying process will eliminate the hurdles you have to cross when you list your home with real estate agents. Here are the steps to sell your home to us.

Step 1

You will need to provide us with information about your property. Before we move any further with the home buying process, we want to know if the property meets our criteria. It is easy, fast, and free. We will tell you what we need to know about the property so that we can make our evaluation and assessment.

Step 2

When you have given us the information about your property, and we find that it meets our criteria, we will get in touch with you so that we set up an appointment. During the appointment, we may ask more questions regarding the property. At this time, we set all of the expectations and discuss any other important details regarding the sale.

Step 3

Once we feel that we can take on the deal, we will arrange for an inspection or view of the home. We want to be certain that the kind of information you provide goes hand in hand with what we see when we visit the property. This way, we will not be making an offer for something we haven’t seen or assessed. It is a good way of ensuring that we don’t overprice or underprice the offer.

Step 4

We provide you with a no-obligation offer. After assessing the property and determining that it fits our criteria and we can buy it, we will move ahead to present our written no-obligation offer. When we say,“no-obligation,” we mean that there are no strings attached. We are not forcing you to sell us the home, it will be your final decision to decide whether you take our offer or not. Of course, there is no harm if you don’t. At this point, we have looked at the best possible offer we can give and want to present it to you.

Step 5

We close the deal at a trusted local title company. It is in this phase that you will get your cash and it happens in as little as 7 days.  The amazing thing with us is that once we have received all the information about the house you are selling, we can give the offer within 24 hours. If all is well and you have decided to go for the offer, we can close in as quickly as 7 days. Sometimes, you may even have a check the same day.

Now you can see how easy and fast it is to sell us your home. The process is straightforward with no complications. We take care of the paperwork and other things that may cause you a daunting experience when selling a home. We know that your most important thing is the cash and that’s why we don’t want you to strain to get the cash for your home.

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