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Selling a home may not be a smooth process, especially if you do not know how to go about it. Often, the process can be lengthy, time-consuming, and often frustrating if you don’t get everything right in the beginning. We at Joe Buys NJ Houses have answered some of the frequently asked questions so that you know who we are, how we do it, and if we are the right buyer for your home:

Is my house being put on the MLS listing?

No, when we buy your home, we don’t list it on the MLS simply because we are not real estate agents. We are professional home buyers serving New Jersey residents.

Does my house have to be in perfect condition?

No, your home does not have to be in mint condition. We can buy a damaged home or one that needs repairs. You don’t have to do the repairs. Once we buy it, we can handle the repair issues. We buy everything in as is condition.

Will I get a fair price for my home?

Yes, we don’t want to promise what we cannot offer. A majority of the houses that we purchase tend to be below the market value. However, we try to offer the fairest value possible depending on the condition of the home. While you should not expect a windfall for the price of the home, you are assured that we will close the deal quickly and offer cash for the property. You don’t have to waste months seeking for the right buyer because we can buy it now at a fair price.

How do you determine the home price you offer?

We look at a number of factors when determining the price to offer you for the home you’re selling. We look at the location and if there are any repairs needed. We conduct a market analysis in your local real estate market. One thing we assure you is that we will offer you a price that works for the both of us.

We are not here to pressure you or take advantage of your need to sell your home. We understand that you need the best offer and that’s why we are committed to ensuring that we don’t give you an unrealistic price offer.

Are there any fees or commissions you take from me?

We do not charge fees or take commissions when you sell us your home. It is a no-fee, no-commission deal and often we pay for closing costs.

How different are youfrom real estate agents?

We are not real estate agents and our home buying process is pretty straightforward. When you sell your home through a real estate agent, you may have to wait about 6 to 12 months for the right buyer to be found. You may not have that time to wait. Also, we do not receive commission on the sale, which happens with real estate agents who take 3 to 6 percent of the sale price. We do not list houses in the MLS because we are the buyers and not acting as a broker or agent.



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